Why Pray for Peace?

Yes, we want the peace that God gives us, but what other reasons should also cause us to pray for that?

Plants in Arid Environment

No Evidence

What would it look like if we removed all evidence of wrongdoing in our lives, not by covering it up, but by doing the right thing in the first place?

Feather on Fabric

“Dr. M. Dennis, Ph.D, P.E., DDS, Esq.”

We can claim just about anything, but how can we tell if we are really walking in the light of Jesus?

Sun Rays Through Clouds

Brighten Your Day

Where do we go for sunshine when the weather is bleak outside, or when clouds trouble our hearts?


Bonus Evidence!

The book of Hebrews points out an interesting type of evidence for the truth of Jesus' salvation - one that we might not have thought of.


Taking Control 

Sometimes, we just need to get control of certain things in our life, even when it seems like things are out of control.

Sunday School Lessons

If You Can’t Be a Good Friend, Be a Warning of What Not To Do

What can we learn about being a good friend, from some examples of not-so-great friends in the Bible? (Notes for a "remotely-taught" Sunday School lesson, June 7, 2020.)


Answers to Friends, Part 2

What can we learn from messages that Jesus shared with His friends in private, rather than to the crowds?


Answers to Friends, Part 1

Some of the pivotal statements that Jesus made about Himself were actually made in small settings.