Lines of Communication

Communication has come a long way, but sometimes the most effective sharing uses methods that are tried and true.


Better Peace Than You Can Get Elsewhere

Are we afraid, feeling like we are on trial and about to be convicted, without anyone to represent us?


Taking Control 

Sometimes, we just need to get control of certain things in our life, even when it seems like things are out of control.

Sunday School Lessons

If You Can’t Be a Good Friend, Be a Warning of What Not To Do

What can we learn about being a good friend, from some examples of not-so-great friends in the Bible? (Notes for a "remotely-taught" Sunday School lesson, June 7, 2020.)


I Don’t Know What to Say!

In a world where we feel like we are expected to know everything, what do we do when we don't even know the right question?


Back-Alley Following

When you're following a friend through his or her home town, who do you trust more: your friend or the GPS?


I Once Was Blind, Part 2

Is there more to spiritual understanding than just what we can learn by ourselves?

Route 66 Diner

A Look Inside

If having a transparent refrigerator door makes some of us nervous, what should we think of One who can see into our hearts?


“I’m Always Angry”

How can we find ourselves being defined by others according to the good that our life produces (with God's) help, rather than by the vices that we fight against?


Corpus Christi, Part 2

If we are part of the body of Christ (the church), what is our role?

Message Lights from Apollo 8 Launch Room Reconstruction


Just as there is a point in the countdown of a rocket launch when the takeoff is imminent, God makes a commitment to those who accept Jesus, even before we receive our eternal reward.

Wood Grain Close-Up from Plaground

Filling in the Gaps

Sometimes, we find ourselves at a loss for words, or feeling unworthy to talk with a Holy God. He knew that this would happen, and personally intervenes to help us out in those times.