All People for Jesus

Until everyone has gotten a fair chance to understand and decide whether or not they will accept Jesus, the work of the church is not yet done.

Houseplant and Window Screen

Read the Bible, Be the Church, and Pray, Part 2

So, what can we do when we need to be the church, but it can't be the same as before?


Taking Our Turn

While we would do well to remember that our fellow human beings have a finite amount of time an energy, there is One whose resources are limitless.


Accepting What is Immovable on Its Own Terms

We don't get to decide how to encounter God. Only He can make that decision.


Idols with Four Walls

Most Christians would recognize an idol in the shape of a man or an animal, but are there other forms that an idol can take?


The Business of the Church

How can we reconcile the structure of individual congregations with our personal ministry obligations?



In our busy lives, there is a secret (albeit not a well-hidden one) to finding the strength that we need to get through another week.

Constellation Sphere at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Where Is the Church?

What if every follower of Jesus had such a positive and lasting impact on his or her community that no one would have to think twice when asked "Where is the church?"


Corpus Christi, Part 1

What does it mean that Jesus is the Head of the church (which itself is described as the Body of Christ)?

Three Pigeons

Those Guys

Let us make the furthering of the Kingdom of God a celebration (no matter who is introducing people to Jesus), and not a competition.

Orange Fungi

Not Fungible 

The fact that you were created uniquely means that your exact role in life can't be replaced by anyone else.

View of Tree and House from Playhouse

What’s Not In It For Me?

Being part of a group of like-minded believers has a lot of advantages for us, but what does the rest of the world get out of it?

Arid Plants

Give What You’ve Got

The call for us each to contribute to the church (the body of Christ) isn't just a suggestion. The rest of the body needs each of us, from the smallest to the greatest.