Sunday School Lessons

When to Not Fast

While many people of faith might not fast often enough for their spiritual health, are there times when it isn't necessary?


Taking Our Turn

While we would do well to remember that our fellow human beings have a finite amount of time an energy, there is One whose resources are limitless.


The Doo-Wop Gospel Message

Even pop music writers can't miss the realities of love, but God does it best.


Living in Jeans

Wouldn't we be more comfortable when living as we are intended, rather than trying to imitate something that we were never intended to be?


Jesus Was Already Here

Imagine going somewhere where you think you're the first to arrive, but finding that Jesus was already there.

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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Although the old hymn, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", probably wasn't talking about a literal hour, we can still give God some of our undivided attention in prayer.

Clouds from Sky
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“Naps are Wasted on the Young”

Children don't need an excuse to get rest. Let us remember that among our schedules, not only to take care of ourselves, but to spend time with Jesus.