Sunday School Lessons

It’s Going to Take Guts

Knowing and doing are two separate things, but what else do we need in order to be people of action, rather than just inert knowledge?


Rest Up, but Don’t Stop There

Followers of Jesus don't just rest - we must rest up to get out and do more work for His kingdom.

Test Tube Plants
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Does Margin Really Work?

Can we be inspired to make room in our lives for God's messages and opportunities?

Striated Ice in Ocean
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Modern-Day Manna

Does modern-day "manna" leave us with empty baskets (or a jar of spoiled results), when we try to bend the rules?

Clouds from Sky
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“Naps are Wasted on the Young”

Children don't need an excuse to get rest. Let us remember that among our schedules, not only to take care of ourselves, but to spend time with Jesus.