Sunday School Lessons

Sin Was Always Sin, but Faith Was Always Faith

While Jesus brought clarity and detail about God's plan to save fallen human beings, at least one key element of that plan was present long before Jesus was born as a baby

Sunday School Lessons

No Membership Required

Don't you hate it when the event you want to get into is restricted, and you can't get in?

Sunday School Lessons

Temporary or Permanent Sponsor?

In life, are you focused on the latest trends that will fade away, or something that will last forever?

Sunday School Lessons

Clean, Clothed, and in Community

When a family shares characteristics (whether external or internal), our individuality can still shine out as we honor that family.


Knowing What Not to Do

Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is to let the wrong opportunity pass by, and wait on God's timing.

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Does Margin Really Work?

Can we be inspired to make room in our lives for God's messages and opportunities?

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I can do it myself!

For those of us who fear the unknown, a better path may mean trusting God for answers, or leaving some room for Him to work.