Quotes from the Pharisees: Are You Saying I’m Wrong? (Part 2)

If we are fallible, how can we find the truth?

Sunday School Lessons

Inferior Righteousness

If Jesus Christ calls His followers to a superior righteousness, what does the implied "inferior righteousness" look like?


Laws Don’t Fix Things

It is clear that more laws can't fully address challenges of society, but is the same thing true in the walk of faith?

Test Tube Plants

The Ultimate Emulsifier

How can two persons on fundamentally different sides of the scale of good and evil find peace?


Focus on the Positive

Do God's instructions for us to dwell on good things still apply to us today, when so much around us is tainted by evil?


You Can’t Make That With Those Ingredients, Part 2

Bakers and chefs know: the better the ingredients, the better food can be made from them.


Time to Get Up and Get Dressed

We may or may not think a lot about what to wear in a day, but do we think about how we are going to behave?


Better to Act Than to Just Talk

Ever had a big idea that you never acted on? Or, do we subconsciously do that all the time?


Fast Followers

It's easy to do the right thing when surrounded by people who are doing the same thing. What about where good things are unpopular, though?


Riding Out the Storm

Do you ever feel like you're just holding on in a storm, when the wind and rain threaten to blow you out to sea?


Too Many Cookies! (Part 2)

Does being sick or hurt, and doing what it takes to get better, make you a morally superior person to someone who is still sick?


Free In Deed, Part 1

For those freed from the consequences of sin, do we live as free, or do we keep living as those under the law?


Righteous Anger

There are things worth getting angry about, and others that aren't worth the effort. Let us not burn off all of our energy on the latter, so that we can do some good with the former.