Sunday School Lessons

Breaking the Cycle for Good

It is regretful when a child rebels against what is good and falls away, but change from one generation to the next can also be positive in some families

Sunday School Lessons

A Messy Subject…

The topic of slavery is a complicated one, but when it comes to slavery to sin, we must not sugarcoat things

Sunday School Lessons

Grace and Mercy

Ever wonder what the difference is between grace and mercy (or what both of them mean in the first place)?

Sunday School Lessons

Paying Attention to the Important Messages

It can be difficult to tell the difference between something really important, and someone just trying to get us to listen to them

Sunday School Lessons

Leading vs. Dragging

Out of love for others, are there ways to lead them to the right conclusion about the harm that their choices are doing, rather than just a lecture?


Quotes from the Pharisees: Tell Him to Stop Doing That

Who do we talk to about getting some changes made around here?