Sunday School Lessons

Not Fun, but Necessary

While I sometimes wish that this wasn't the case, there are topics that are necessary to study, even if they aren't fun

Sunday School Lessons

Solid Promises

Do we sometimes treat God's promises as having been fulfilled in smaller ways than He has planned?

Sunday School Lessons

Pretty Impressive, but Not the Most Important

The author of Hebrews makes some pretty impressive statements about angels, but then guides us to Someone who is even more important.


Hunch, Hypothesis, or History?

There are a lot of people who declare emphatically what will happen in the future. Should we be panicking?


Not What You Think It Means

Have you ever found out that you were using a word completely different from its definition?

Sun Through Clouds
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Why Did Jesus Have to Be Raised From the Dead?

Once we realize our sinful situation, the reason for Jesus' death to pay for our sins becomes clear. However, why is His subsequent resurrection so important?