Sunday School Lessons

Don’t Wait to Seek

Seeking God is not relegated to the future. It can - and should - happen right now

Sunday School Lessons

Where Is the Glory of God?

Is God present in our lives, or did we meet Him in the past and then take Him for granted?

Sunday School Lessons

When Should We Expect God to Be With Us?

If it seems like God isn't present in our activities, should we blame God or consider whether or not we're on the right track?

Quiet Lake
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Why It’s OK to Take a Break for God

We may want to have quiet time with God, but what gives us the right to actually slow down long enough to do so?

Sunday School Lessons

An Object of Remembrance

While we can't bring God to ourselves, how big of a deal is it to us that He made His presence available to us?

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Remembering at the Right Time

Even though God is with us all of the time, we sometimes need a reminder (or to remind someone else) of this fact.