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God Can Take Care of Himself

While God works through His people, He really doesn't need us to avenge Him.


Like Fighting One Problem at a Time

What can you do when you wake up and your problems outnumber your abilities?


Infinite Prayers

We may be challenged to "pray big", once we start to comprehend God's power, but is there something even more than that?


Trying the Impossible

What should we do when our goals are impossible for us to achieve on our own?


Who Says You Can’t?

Who are we to tell God that we can't do something, once He has called us to take a step of faith?


Bad Interview Questions

Sometimes, the truthful answer to a bad interview question would reveal something that we don't want to share.


An Army At the Ready

Do you ever feel like you are in a movie, and the bad guys are just about to overrun all that is good?

Electrical Line Tower

Taking on Bots

If we knew that we could win battles against evil for the benefit of lost souls, would we be bolder in our actions?


Sometimes, the Strongest Force Wins

While it might be fun to root for the underdog, we just don't stand a chance when we resist an all-powerful force.


How It’s Made

It's fun to learn how things around us are made, but what sort of transformation can change hearts and lives?


More to This Life

What if we found a relationship that continued to surprise us with more good things than we expected?


What Makes God Angry?

Some people have a mental image of an angry God.  This might be due to preachers like Johnathan Edwards from the 18th-century, or from listening to others who portray God as primarily full of wrath and punishment.  This is a tough image of God to live with, and probably makes most of us want to avoid… Continue reading What Makes God Angry?


Really Living

If more money, more power, or more popularity doesn't guarantee happiness, then what will?