Sunday School Lessons

To Read the Manual, You Must First Find the Manual

Life is hard enough without needing to go find the instructions.

Sunday School Lessons

One Free Request

If you could ask for anything, what would it be? Let's take a look at someone who received his request for some good suggestions.

Sunday School Lessons

Try Not to Underestimate God

If we don't think that we will amount to much, is that a reflection on ourselves, or our opinion of what God can do with our lives?


How to Prosper

As it turns out, the most reliable book on success is available without cost, and the author doesn't receive royalties.

Garden Decor

A Scarecrow in a Cucumber Field

If a scarecrow can't keep the animals out of our garden, why would we trust its fellow inanimate objects for more important things?

Odometer at 77777 Miles


Rather than seeking out the "lesser of two evils", Paul the apostle was conflicted by having two excellent alternatives.