Sunday School Lessons

Fruitful Faith

Are we asking for God's help, but not really acting like we believe He will intervene on our behalf, or that He might have a better plan?


Does Your God Pay Attention?

Can the things, persons, or entities in whom we put our trust deliver salvation for us when we're in an otherwise-hopeless situation?


Waiting Takes Work

If you have a tough time waiting for things, you're not alone...but there are ways to help us with certain kinds of waiting.


Just a Few Is All You Need to Get Started

Do you sometimes feel like you're staring at a blank page, trying to come up with things to be thankful for?


Prosperity Doesn’t Equal Virtue

What happens when we draw a single, straight line between one's behavior and success?


Answers to Friends, Part 2

What can we learn from messages that Jesus shared with His friends in private, rather than to the crowds?


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?


Not Knowing the Results

What can cheating in an educational video game teach us about faith?


Having Faith When It Could Cost Us

Do you trust Jesus at His word even if you haven't yet seen the results from your latest request or act of faith?


No, Really: Do Not Worry

Sometimes, we need to just let the future drop into place, exactly where God knew that it would land.

Garden Decor

A Scarecrow in a Cucumber Field

If a scarecrow can't keep the animals out of our garden, why would we trust its fellow inanimate objects for more important things?

Desert and Bridge are Risky Places

Why Are There Rules?

Do you ever wonder if life would be better without rules that others expect us to follow?


Dusty Toys

If we can't even figure out what gifts someone else will like, are there better ways to take on the uncertainties of life itself?


What If God Always Gave Us What We Asked For?

Sometimes getting what we want is not in our best interests.

Striated Ice in Ocean
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Modern-Day Manna

Does modern-day "manna" leave us with empty baskets (or a jar of spoiled results), when we try to bend the rules?