Candy Rocks in Melting Ice Cream

Hypocrisy vs. Humility

The very essence of the Christian belief starts with admitting that we fall short of God's ideal, and need help. How well is this message communicated to others, though?


Battle Ready

Regardless of what its enemies throw at it, the body of Jesus Christ - the collection of His followers on earth - is destined to win the battle.

Sun Through Clouds
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Why Did Jesus Have to Be Raised From the Dead?

Once we realize our sinful situation, the reason for Jesus' death to pay for our sins becomes clear. However, why is His subsequent resurrection so important?

Walkway Along Lake

The Power of Choice

Sometimes, the difference in the paths our lives take depends on a choice that we make at a key time. The good news is that the most important choice remains open for us to seize, even if we previously made the wrong decision.


What Does Washing Feet Look Like Today?

If washing others' feet isn't part of our daily routine (unlike first-century disciples), through what sort of humble service might we be called to follow Jesus' example instead?


The Geocaching Guy

The other day, a random guy struck up a friendly conversation with me about something he was pretty interested in.


The Business of the Church

How can we reconcile the structure of individual congregations with our personal ministry obligations?



In our busy lives, there is a secret (albeit not a well-hidden one) to finding the strength that we need to get through another week.

Orange Lizard

You Can Have Superpowers

Even if we can't jump tall buildings in a single bound, God provides supernatural gifts - manifestations of His own power - to those who follow Him.

Pier and Water

Using Up All of the Bandwidth

Since we only get a certain amount of capacity to invest in others, how can we divide up that capacity fairly and make the most - and best - impact?


Even Our Mistakes are Part of the Plan

God doesn't just forgive us for our sins, but He actually uses our failures for greater things.