Sunday School Lessons

Is It Just Too Much?

Encouragement is an interesting thing. No matter what our day brings, we should probably be either giving or receiving it.


Successful Prisoner or a Free Failure?

If you had to choose, would you rather have success and purpose without personal freedom, or to be physically free and a failure?


You Are Not an Abandoned Project

Ever feel like you're a building project where the owner ran out of money partway through?


Riding Out the Storm

Do you ever feel like you're just holding on in a storm, when the wind and rain threaten to blow you out to sea?


With Great Quantity Comes Occasional Quality

While good results often require many tries, we are still called to keep doing our part.


Battle Ready

Regardless of what its enemies throw at it, the body of Jesus Christ - the collection of His followers on earth - is destined to win the battle.

Battery-Operated Candle

Don’t Give Up

If other people can't help but listen to us if we are persistent enough, how much more will a God who loves us hear our requests?