Candy Lego Shapes

Rewards, Part 2

If the Bible says that we will be rewarded for our actions, how should that impact our motivation and our decisions?

Chandelier Color Detail

Grand Entrance

What if we could be recognized with a grand entrance into somewhere better than any place on earth?

Sun Through Clouds

Backed Up to the Cloud

Where can we keep what is valuable, where it won't be subject to the decay and corruption of this fallen world?


Not Free, But Worth It

Most decisions in life result in a tradeoff - a cost vs. benefit choice. Some paths yield a lot better results than others, though.


What Do We Have An Abundance Of?

Being stuck with too many unpleasant things is no fun. What if we could have an abundance of something much, much better?


Side Quests

Opportunities that look attractive will regularly pop up. We must choose the best ones to focus on, though, so that we don't get pulled away from what is most important.

Rockets on Display at NASA Kennedy Space Center

What Are We Trying to Win?

Life is not a game, but we need to make choices with an eye to succeeding in the "end-game", and towards getting to the outcome that we want.


Truth in Advertising

The truth about following Jesus doesn't need our help to sugar-coat it. While our message must be presented in a relevant way, the world needs to see the whole picture.

Rock Face

Mt. Rushmore

Following Jesus is rewarding, but it is not without a cost. Let us continue our investment with dedication and perseverance.