More Important Than Life?

In a world where every week brings a new medical study, are there things that are more important than only staying alive one more day?


Downright Blurry, Part 2

Farsightedness can sometimes be fixed with reading glasses or holding things far away to read them. The spiritual equivalent can't be solved quite the same way.


Faces on a Passing Train

With experience, we find that both the good times and the bad times come and go. What do we do during the bad times, though?

Landscape View

What a Relief! (Part 2)

When we are weary and tired, may we remain faithful, but with a strength that exceeds our own abilities.


The Acquisition of Stuff

I like to acquire "stuff", but how do we focus our efforts on the use of it for lasting good, rather than just the accumulation of it.

Cactus and Rocks

Unreasonable Fear

Once we have accepted Jesus' gift of payment for our shortcomings, and chosen to follow Him, we no longer have to live in fear.