Sunday School Lessons

Both Excited and Sorrowful

When we love something or someone, we are eager to spend time together, and sad when the relationship is broken


Downright Blurry, Part 2

Farsightedness can sometimes be fixed with reading glasses or holding things far away to read them. The spiritual equivalent can't be solved quite the same way.


The Hunch

Our posture (and its effects on us) tells us what we spend time at. How can we invest in activities that produce good results, even if we have a few aches and pains as a result?

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Reading the Bible Electronically

When we don't have a printed version of the Bible handy, today's technology offers us many alternatives.



Sometimes, just as with our eating habits, we need something more satisfying than a "snack-size" portion of God's Word.

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Read the Bible, Go to Church, Pray, and…

I was told once that "Some people know more Bible than they will ever use". Is that true?

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Bible Notes

What do all the little notes and formats mean when we read the Bible? Here's a quick overview.

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Do You Read the Bible, or Study It?

The Bible is a great book, whether we read it spontaneously, or study it carefully. I encourage you to mix some of both practices into your Bible-reading.

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Bites vs. Meals

Although many verses of the Bible are valuable on their own, sometimes we need to read and study more of the Bible at a time.

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Choosing a Devotional

Reading the Bible is fresh and filling just as it is. If you would like to read it along with insights and teachings from others, though, here are a few suggestions to help you select a devotional.

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“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 2

Just as with our physical bodies, our intake of spiritual food should increase over time to help us grow in a healthy manner.