Sunday School Lessons

The Branch Can’t Take Credit for the Gardener’s Good Work

It's great to achieve positive results within the family of God, but we must not take too much credit for being part of that family in the first place


Small Sacrifices

If we can recognize little things we do as mini-sacrifices, maybe we can grow into a lifestyle that naturally achieves much bigger things for God.


Writing and Revising

If our lives are a story, would we be content with what the remaining chapters are likely to contain?


Counting Up or Counting Down?

Can we actively look forward to growing older when we are grown up, just as much as we did when we were young?


Destination: Maturity (Part 1)

Learning a new skill is a lot more effective when we have something to practice that skill on.


You Could Have Led With That

How did the best speaker in history start His illustrations about an important topic?


Starting Out In the Wilderness 

The times of life when it seems we are in the wasteland can be difficult, but they can also provide a chance to step into something better.


Have a Little Milk With Your Meat

Just because adults can eat solid food, doesn't mean that they can't drink milk, too.


Settling for Less

If there was more that could be done to live a full and effective life, would we want to know about it?


Gankers and Newbs, Part 1

Just like in other team activities, we must evaluate whether we are contributing to God's kingdom, or working against other believers.


Watching Grace Grow

Let's be honest: Waiting isn't very fun. However, a lot can happen over time, if we are patient (and, even if we aren't).

Dinner Table

“You Complete Me”

Whether or not we find joy in the company of another person, there is another sort of completeness - one of faith, shown by deeds - that we can all experience.


With Great Quantity Comes Occasional Quality

While good results often require many tries, we are still called to keep doing our part.


E Pluribus Unum

Is there a better way to get along with difficult Christians, other than just gritting our teeth and toughing it out?

Metal Stairs Going Down
Sermon Study Guides

Growing One Step at a Time

Trying to reach God's ideal overnight can be so overwhelming that we don't even start. With God's help, can we start by doing just a little better this week?

Assortment of Baby Utensils

“Get Your Own Tape”, Part 3

While simple lessons and stories are good for those who are young (or new to faith), growth should result in our level of learning becoming deeper.