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Modifying vs. Replacing

Have we been trying to keep something running for so long that we forget to consider that maybe we just need a new one?

Sunday School Lessons

Taking Care of Something Brand-New

Would you take something you just bought and destroy it? How about a second chance?

Detail of Side of Retired Tank
Sunday School Lessons

“I Love It When a Plan Comes Together”

The most amazing plan in history literally took centuries to pull off, but - unlike most of my plans - everything happened right on time.


How It’s Made

It's fun to learn how things around us are made, but what sort of transformation can change hearts and lives?

Old PC Card

Why Keep Using an Obsolete Solution?

Once we have acquired the latest and greatest version of something, we shouldn't have to go back and keep using the old one.


Sometimes, We Need to Rebuild

Maybe your life doesn't just need a new coat of paint or some light remodeling. Perhaps it needs some major demolition and rebuilding!


Settling for Less

If there was more that could be done to live a full and effective life, would we want to know about it?


Furniture Restorer

What would it take to refinish our lives, as a careful craftsman restores old furniture to a new life?

Stream and Trees

How Amazing Is Grace?

Grace is amazing because it restores us when we were lost and blind. But it is even more amazing that it brings us from death to life.