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In the End Times…

Contrary to popular opinion, giving up more things doesn't always make one holier

Sunday School Lessons

Whether or Not to Serve Isn’t the Choice; Only Who We Serve

Since we don't have the option of "not serving anyone or anything" in this world, let's make sure that we choose to serve One who loves us

Sunday School Lessons

Celebrating Freedom, but Not Just For Me

Once we have been pronounced free from the penalty of our sins, may we not condemn others who have also been set free by the same process.

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Time to Walk Out of the Courthouse

Once a verdict has been decided in our favor, it's time to go out and live a life that honors that decision, rather than staying in the courtroom and listening to our accuser press a case that he has already lost

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What Else Is There?

After giving up a life of selfishness and pride for new life through Jesus, have we planned for what we will do next?

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In Custody and Under Guardianship

If there's a better option than remaining in custody, why would we want to go back after we are reunited with loved ones again?

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The Condemnation of Legalism

If God's direction is good for helping us live better lives, wouldn't some extra rules help us to do even better?

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Wide Open Spaces

Do you feel stuck, like your options are limited and you can't get free? You're not alone, but there is freedom to be found.

Sunday School Lessons

Just Admit It!

If we've kept secrets about our bad choices hidden, is it too late to get them out and start healing?

Quiet Lake
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None, Actually

Do you still hear or feel condemnation after accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ? You're not alone, and there is hope.


Successful Prisoner or a Free Failure?

If you had to choose, would you rather have success and purpose without personal freedom, or to be physically free and a failure?


That’s the Kind of Power I Need!

Do you ever feel like you're going through a "power tool" life with just a hand saw and a hammer?


Speaking While in Chains

Ever feel that you are just so tied up with the junk of this world that you can't move fowrard?


Overcoming the Oppressor

In order to eliminate oppression and evil in our society, I think that we first need to define the root cause.


Looking Good Isn’t the Same as Living for Good

Do you ever get stuck in a relationship with God where your walk has been reduced to just trying to follow a bunch of extra rules?


I Deserve This!

If God mercifully paid for the consequences of our sins, how should we respond to that grace?