Wisdom Articles

Collected articles from this site related to Wisdom,
especially the kind of wisdom that God provides.

When Should We Expect God to Be With Us? - If it seems like God isn't present in our activities, should we blame God or consider whether or not we're on the right track?
Not Exactly a Wise Guy - Can "regular people" have access to the same wisdom as we expect people with robes and beards to have?
Tough Questions - Stuck with a challenging question? There is one who knows all of the answers, and who is available for us to ask.
One Free Request - If you could ask for anything, what would it be? Let's take a look at someone who received his request for some good suggestions.
Flock of Birds A Longer and Better Life - Let's take a look at a couple of things that can shorten or prolong our lives.
Hibiscus Flower Hosanna? What Does That Mean? - So, what does this word, "Hosanna" mean, anyway?
A Prayer for All People - What better prayer could we offer for others than that they learn more about God and His will?
Prove It! - So, what do we do with wisdom, once we've obtained it?
Why Did the Authors Need to Write That? - Do you ever wonder why we have certain instructions in the Bible? While it is inspired by God, there were also imminent practical reason for its guidance.
How Do We Pray for Them? - We may already know that we should pray for those in authority. How - and what - do we actually pray for them, though?
How Good Do Your Words Taste? - What can help us make good use of conversations with other people?
“You Think You’re So Smart” - When we know too much for our own good, the answer isn't less knowledge, just better knowledge.
Don’t Lose This Information - What happens when the most important messages are lost from one generation to the next, because we simply didn't pay attention?
Counting Up or Counting Down? - Can we actively look forward to growing older when we are grown up, just as much as we did when we were young?
Recursive Function - How do we build our supply of wisdom if we need wisdom to get started with that process?
You’re Only as Old as You Feel  - If age does not automatically produce maturity, what should we do when we realize that we (or others) need to grow up, spiritually?
New and Old Treasures - Learning a nugget of wisdom from history or from a recent experience is great, but what if there were more?
Be Smart, but Not Sinful - Sharing the great news about Jesus is good, but doesn't need to be a haphazard activity.
Gecko Listen and Learn  - Despite the barrage of unsolicited advice that comes our way, wise and insightful instruction can be life-changing.
I Once Was Blind, Part 2 - Is there more to spiritual understanding than just what we can learn by ourselves?
I Once Was Blind, Part 1 - What does it actually mean to see again when we have been spiritually blind?
The Right Tool for the Job - Even if we have limited success with using the wrong tool for the job, we also might break things and get frustrated. There is a better way.
Old Friends - When you say someone is an "old friend", do you mean that they have been your friend for a long time, or that they are advanced in years?
You Are What You Eat - If "we are what we eat", where might our diet benefit from a little improvement?
Tactical Analysis - Wouldn't it be great to have a heads-up display of exactly what we needed to know in a challenging situation?
Wisdom Check - Advice is everywhere around us, so how do we screen out real wisdom from the spam?
Fungi on Tree Rotten Endings - Some chapters of our life may feel like a poorly-written book or bad movie, but the wise king Solomon realized that the best approach in life was to follow God.
Wooden Walkway Don’t Skip the Tutorial - Unlike the less-forgiving games of the past, a veteran gamer can often breeze through the tutorial on a modern game. Real life, though, is not so forgiving of just skimming over the instructions.
Miscellaneous Smaller Plants What Can We Ask For In Prayer? - We are invited to make requests of God. If one of those requests is for His wisdom, I believe that we can better align what we ask for with His will.
Rock Overlook Free Wisdom! - There aren't many free things in life - and some we wouldn't take if they were free. However, God's wisdom is available for the taking. Will we accept it?
Space Flight Plan Know-It-All - When we think that we know it all, we are deceiving ourselves, and miss out on a chance for God to teach us.
Playground and Gazebo Listen Through - There are a lot of glitches, distractions, and excuses that can cause us to stop listening. What lies in store for us, though, if we power through and keep listening?
Rocks and Leaves Preconceptions About Wisdom - It's easy to take bits and pieces of what we have learned, combine it with our own ideas, and start to think that we have it all figured out.