Sunday School Lessons

The Promise of Prosperity for Posterity

By faith, we can celebrate blessings from God that aren't even for ourselves, and whose outcomes we won't get to experience here on earth.

Sunday School Lessons

Try Not to Underestimate God

If we don't think that we will amount to much, is that a reflection on ourselves, or our opinion of what God can do with our lives?

Sunday School Lessons

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Sometimes, an abridged version of an important message just won't get the job done.

Sunday School Lessons

Proclaiming Reminders

Would we be willing to stand and proclaim our experiences with God, both to Him and to anyone else who would hear?

Sunday School Lessons

An Object of Remembrance

While we can't bring God to ourselves, how big of a deal is it to us that He made His presence available to us?

Sunday School Lessons

The City of Reminders

What can the result of years of waiting teach us about being patient for requests that seem to take forever?


Does Your God Pay Attention?

Can the things, persons, or entities in whom we put our trust deliver salvation for us when we're in an otherwise-hopeless situation?