Sunday School Lessons

Just Not Possible

What would we do differently if we didn't think that big things were impossible?

Sunday School Lessons

Stubbornly Resisting

It is kind of pointless to resist or do something different when the correct path is clear to us

Sunday School Lessons

No Need to Hide Any Longer

Sometimes, telling the truth about a problem is a big first step towards solving it

Sunday School Lessons

Random Outcome Generator?

Just because God can speak to us through the physical world, doesn't mean that we get to decide when and how He will do so

Sunday School Lessons

You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide

While some things that people look to for rescue are limited in power or geography, the source of true help is everywhere

Sunday School Lessons

It’s Not Always Funny

While it can be funny when someone does something unexpected, going the opposite way from God's calling generally doesn't produce humorous results


Does Your God Pay Attention?

Can the things, persons, or entities in whom we put our trust deliver salvation for us when we're in an otherwise-hopeless situation?

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Trust Fall

When I think about listening to God, one of the things I sometimes fear is that He might call me to do something.

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Heroic Words

While we usually think of heroes by their actions, sometimes a hero just says the right things at the right time.