Sunday School Lessons

How Is Your Boss?

While serving sin doesn't lead to satisfaction, there is a spiritual solution that is even better than selfishness


In a Hurry for What?

Can we become so focused on the process of getting to our destination that we miss out on opportunities along the way?


How Much to Give?

How do we give to meet needs, while still having enough left for our responsibilities?


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Wouldn't it be foolish to forge ahead with just a guess, when the right answer is readily available, if we would only ask?


Back-Alley Following

When you're following a friend through his or her home town, who do you trust more: your friend or the GPS?


Running to First

Distractions can cause young sports players to miss out on a chance to win. For those who are more mature in life, it still takes some effort to focus on the strategy that the coach is calling out to us.


Which Way Does the Arrow Point?

When God works through your life to bless others, who do you give credit to?

Map of US Southwest and Mexico

I Do Know the Way

Even if we're hopelessly turned around without a compass, a map, plus a GPS, we can find direction in life if we know where to look.

Clouds Over Mountains

“I Do Not Know the Way”

Once we decide where we need to go, if it's in line with God's direction, we can usually find help to get there.

Garden Decor

Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There!

While the right thing is always the right thing, sometimes we need to listen a little to be sure we're following the right plan.


Corpus Christi, Part 1

What does it mean that Jesus is the Head of the church (which itself is described as the Body of Christ)?