Sunday School Lessons

Paying Attention to the Important Messages

It can be difficult to tell the difference between something really important, and someone just trying to get us to listen to them


Quotes from the Pharisees: Nobody Believes That! (Part 2)

In the Bible, there seems to be good precedent for taking the time to explain the truth, and to listen to others carefully.


Finding Common Ground, Part 1

What if our common ground upon which we can find peace with others is found in our weakness, not in our strengths?


Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 2

Do you really know why other people hold mistaken beliefs? Are you sure?


Answers to Friends, Part 2

What can we learn from messages that Jesus shared with His friends in private, rather than to the crowds?


Be Smart, but Not Sinful

Sharing the great news about Jesus is good, but doesn't need to be a haphazard activity.

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Fluff vs. Foundation

If we want to accomplish great things with others, we may not be able to get there by remaining at a surface level in our relationships.


What Difference Do Your Beliefs Make In Your Life?

Just like us, what other people believe is more about the difference it makes in their lives, and not just a label.


Say What You Mean, but Don’t Say It Mean

Just because we know something to be true, doesn't mean that we should necessarily blurt it out, especially without first mixing in a bit of grace.

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Don’t Skip the Tutorial

Unlike the less-forgiving games of the past, a veteran gamer can often breeze through the tutorial on a modern game. Real life, though, is not so forgiving of just skimming over the instructions.

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Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There!

While the right thing is always the right thing, sometimes we need to listen a little to be sure we're following the right plan.

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Listen Through

There are a lot of glitches, distractions, and excuses that can cause us to stop listening. What lies in store for us, though, if we power through and keep listening?

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The Most Excellent Ministry of Knowing When to Keep Our Mouths Shut

Sometimes one more word will ruin the moment, and we need to practice appropriately-timed silence, along with an extra share of listening.

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The Bereans

Tucked away in the book of Acts is a testimony to some people who heard the good news about Jesus, and neither dismissed it out of hand, nor accepted what they were told without question.