Sunday School Lessons

Does My Choice of Friends Really Matter?

In a world where "likes" and "friends" abound, does it still matter who we let into our close relationships?


Sometimes, More Fixes Won’t Help, Part 1

No matter how handy we are, there comes a time when another layer of duct tape isn't going to fix the problem.


Not on a Friday

If we can get along with some people one day a week, what would it take to have peace the rest of the week?


Finding Common Ground, Part 1

What if our common ground upon which we can find peace with others is found in our weakness, not in our strengths?


Be the Tree, Part 2

Let's consider what it means for part of our role in the church to be keeping other members from becoming detached and spiritually starved.


Answers to Friends, Part 2

What can we learn from messages that Jesus shared with His friends in private, rather than to the crowds?


Show, Don’t Tell

If we love someone enough to tell them the truth, how can we show them that we are indeed doing so out of love?

Birds in Formation

Not Alone

Ever felt the loneliness of being stood up? Jesus knew what it was like to be abandoned, but He made sure that we never had to be alone again.


Those We’ve Never Met

Can God bless those we've never met, when we would rather pray for them than for the people we do know?


All Crispy Brownies

Are we surrounding ourselves with the warmth that brings life, or with a harsh fire that consumes us and others nearby?


Wasting Our Time

It's one thing to be stuck without something to pass the time. Are there cases where we're busy doing something that looks productive, but is actually pointless?


Still in Charge

Even if I know the person who is in charge, if he or she is a good leader, I still have to follow the rules.

Sermon Study Guides

Fluff vs. Foundation

If we want to accomplish great things with others, we may not be able to get there by remaining at a surface level in our relationships.