Sunday School Lessons

What Do We Do After We’re Healed?

When we - or loved ones - are sick, we think a lot about healing. What do we do after we are healed, though?


Missing the Problem While Disagreeing on the Solution, Part 2

How do we deal those who are solving important problems differently than we would?


Missing the Problem While Disagreeing on the Solution, Part 1

Is it possible that we miss the problem because we disagree with others' solutions?


Show, Don’t Tell

If we love someone enough to tell them the truth, how can we show them that we are indeed doing so out of love?


Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do good things when we feel like it? Or, maybe that wouldn't be so great...


More Important Than Life?

In a world where every week brings a new medical study, are there things that are more important than only staying alive one more day?


Pretending to Love?

Like a lot of things, pretending to love people is easier than actually doing a good job of it.


Grace, Love, and Fellowship

What if fancy introductions and conclusions in books of the Bible weren't just cultural niceties, but instead were opportunities to be blessed?

Yellow Flower and Rocks

John 1 and 1 John 1

While the Biblical author John couldn't write everything down, he testified to what he had personally seen and experienced.