Fears and Worries

Does fear or worry eat up your energy? The Bible offers some encouraging words for those who need peace.


Who Says You Can’t?

Who are we to tell God that we can't do something, once He has called us to take a step of faith?


Maybe They Aren’t Out to Get You

How can we be free from fear, both fear of things in this world, and fear of what could happen in the next?


Living Up to Our Calling

It can be intimidating to think about living up to God's calling, but He is with us along the way.


Not Sitting at the Cool Kids Table

New situations can be a little scary, but we can take on that fear for a better cause, and maybe help others get through their own obstacles to joining in.


Scared to Walk In?

Are you ever scared to talk with God, afraid that He is just waiting for you to start talking so that He can punish you?


No, Really: Do Not Worry

Sometimes, we need to just let the future drop into place, exactly where God knew that it would land.

Cactus and Rocks

Unreasonable Fear

Once we have accepted Jesus' gift of payment for our shortcomings, and chosen to follow Him, we no longer have to live in fear.

Clouds Over Mountains

“I Do Not Know the Way”

Once we decide where we need to go, if it's in line with God's direction, we can usually find help to get there.

Sermon Study Guides

I can do it myself!

For those of us who fear the unknown, a better path may mean trusting God for answers, or leaving some room for Him to work.