Sunday School Lessons

Opportunities to Do Good

God gives us the choice to do righteous or selfish things. Do we offer the same choice to others?


Everything We Produce

How can we honor God with what we do when we are struggling to make ends meet and to find enough time in the day?


Giving Something Up

Does choosing to follow Jesus mean just giving up a little of our "extra" in the offering plate, or something more?


Follow the Money

Are we willing to invest what is important to us, in order to achieve what is most important?


Are You Being Watched?

If we are concerned about what people think when we give, we're probably giving for the benefit of the wrong person. If we judge other people in the same way, we can rob them of joy, as well.


Can’t Buy Me Love 

Money solves so few of the most important problems in life. Could we use it to address situations where it can actually help?


“Get a Life”

In our walk on earth, there are not only ways that we can "get a life", but also still better ways to really start living.


The Acquisition of Stuff

I like to acquire "stuff", but how do we focus our efforts on the use of it for lasting good, rather than just the accumulation of it.

Pirate Decor

Dipping Into the Till

Earning enough to take care of our needs and our family is honorable. If we want more than that, though, what are our motives?

Button Collection Display from Werther Museum

Everything in Common

The church wasn't meant to be a place that we just go to be spiritually fed. The early church was an example of sharing, in very practical ways.