Sunday School Lessons

Not Exactly a Wise Guy

Can "regular people" have access to the same wisdom as we expect people with robes and beards to have?


Quotes from the Pharisees: Trick Questions

What should we do when asked a question that seems impossible to answer?


Enjoy the Good Stuff

Do you feel like you have been filling up on things that don't really satisfy or strengthen you?


Hunch, Hypothesis, or History?

There are a lot of people who declare emphatically what will happen in the future. Should we be panicking?

Feather on Fabric

“Dr. M. Dennis, Ph.D, P.E., DDS, Esq.”

We can claim just about anything, but how can we tell if we are really walking in the light of Jesus?


Taking Control 

Sometimes, we just need to get control of certain things in our life, even when it seems like things are out of control.


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?


Don’t Always Go With Your Gut

Could a couple of well-invested seconds make all the difference in our next big opportunity?


How Much to Give?

How do we give to meet needs, while still having enough left for our responsibilities?


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Wouldn't it be foolish to forge ahead with just a guess, when the right answer is readily available, if we would only ask?


Back-Alley Following

When you're following a friend through his or her home town, who do you trust more: your friend or the GPS?


I Once Was Blind, Part 2

Is there more to spiritual understanding than just what we can learn by ourselves?


The Right Tool for the Job

Even if we have limited success with using the wrong tool for the job, we also might break things and get frustrated. There is a better way.



When we have no other choice, a challenging solution may be the only one. However, when a better way is available, it's irrational to not make use of it.



We might "grab the bull by its horns", as the metaphor suggests, but should we pick up a snake by its tail?

Maple Trees and Sky


Let's be sure to include God in our plans for each day. Otherwise, who knows where our own plans will go awry?

Textured Tree Bark

Friction or Friendly Reminder? 

When we encounter obstacles or resistance, we must discern between God's direction to keep us on the right path, and the resistance of evil trying to keep us from that path.