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I can do it myself!

For those of us who fear the unknown, a better path may mean trusting God for answers, or leaving some room for Him to work.

Striated Ice in Ocean
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Modern-Day Manna

Does modern-day "manna" leave us with empty baskets (or a jar of spoiled results), when we try to bend the rules?

Stream and Trees

How Amazing Is Grace?

Grace is amazing because it restores us when we were lost and blind. But it is even more amazing that it brings us from death to life.

Detail of Side of Retired Tank

The Shield

Captain America's shield is effective, and that makes for fun movies; however, the shield of faith is similarly effective, while also existing in the real world (i.e., outside of comic books).

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Heroic Words

While we usually think of heroes by their actions, sometimes a hero just says the right things at the right time.

Sun Through Tree Branches

Who Is My Enemy?

In addition to asking who our neighbors are (that we should love), let us also consider who our enemies are (whom we should also love - and pray for).

William G. Mather Cleveland Cliffs
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From the Other Side of Manhood

If you feel that you have reached manhood, are you willing to pass along to others what you have learned?

Metal Turtle Sculpture with Shadow
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“Someone Else Might Have Gotten It Wrong”

Sometimes, stepping away from a responsibility is necessary not only because we need it, but also because someone else needs the opportunity to step into that role.

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Heroes of the Faith

Let's take a look at some of the heroes of the Bible, and how we can emulate their heroic actions in our own lives.