Sunday School Lessons

Make Your Current Words as Good as Your Last Words

What if we put as much thought and preparation into our everyday conversations as we do for special occasions?


Cursing Without Curse Words

Even if we personally don't use "swear words" (or, at least, not very often), there still seems to be a lot of cursing going on in this world. Might this be impacting our own conversations?


Hollow Arguments, Part 1

Not every saying is worth repeating, and sometimes what sounds good is more style than substance.


Me And My Big Mouth

For those of us who speak before thinking, we have a role model who both struggled with this, and still found a way to contribute positively to history.

Small Waterfalls


Do we sometimes enter into conversations ready for combat, when others actually need to see us as someone who can help show them the way to be rescued?

Sermon Study Guides

Heroic Words

While we usually think of heroes by their actions, sometimes a hero just says the right things at the right time.