Sunday School Lessons

Do We Really Deserve That?

Can we just claim ignorance of things that are really important in life?


When Our Ignorance is Behind Us, Part 2

What should we do when our ignorance about Jesus Christ has been dispelled, and we know the truth about Him?


Hollow Arguments, Part 1

Not every saying is worth repeating, and sometimes what sounds good is more style than substance.


Memory Aids

It's one thing to remember something important. It's another to actually take the right action on that memory.


Dusty Toys

If we can't even figure out what gifts someone else will like, are there better ways to take on the uncertainties of life itself?

Rock Overlook

Free Wisdom!

There aren't many free things in life - and some we wouldn't take if they were free. However, God's wisdom is available for the taking. Will we accept it?

Space Flight Plan


When we think that we know it all, we are deceiving ourselves, and miss out on a chance for God to teach us.