Sunday School Lessons

Not Fun, but Necessary

While I sometimes wish that this wasn't the case, there are topics that are necessary to study, even if they aren't fun

Squarish Rocks and Trees

Is This Why You Want to Stone Me?, Part 2

When asked difficult questions about claims of truth, what impact do our actions have?


Memory Aids

It's one thing to remember something important. It's another to actually take the right action on that memory.


Right Away!

Sometimes, rather than "Better late than never", a missed opportunity is squandered if we don't act promptly.


Better to Act Than to Just Talk

Ever had a big idea that you never acted on? Or, do we subconsciously do that all the time?

Dinner Table

“You Complete Me”

Whether or not we find joy in the company of another person, there is another sort of completeness - one of faith, shown by deeds - that we can all experience.



We might "grab the bull by its horns", as the metaphor suggests, but should we pick up a snake by its tail?

Candy Rocks in Melting Ice Cream

Hypocrisy vs. Humility

The very essence of the Christian belief starts with admitting that we fall short of God's ideal, and need help. How well is this message communicated to others, though?

Constellation Sphere at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Where Is the Church?

What if every follower of Jesus had such a positive and lasting impact on his or her community that no one would have to think twice when asked "Where is the church?"


How Will They Figure It Out?

If we are looking for others to step up and act better, maybe we must first demonstrate to them the right kind of behavior.