Sunday School Lessons

More than Just Bright and Shiny

We might think of God's glory as a bright light, but I'm pretty sure that there's more to it than that.


Answers to Friends, Part 1

Some of the pivotal statements that Jesus made about Himself were actually made in small settings.


Plenty of Alternatives

We see many people attacking and suppressing the messages of others who are telling the truth. This isn't a new phenomenon, though.

Squarish Rocks and Trees

Is This Why You Want to Stone Me?, Part 2

When asked difficult questions about claims of truth, what impact do our actions have?

Caution Sign

“Right” vs. “Really Right”

Have you ever said something, and then realized later that your statement was right on more levels than you had imagined?


Not What You Think It Means

Have you ever found out that you were using a word completely different from its definition?



How much of what we value today will be significant even a short time from now? Is there anything that will outlast the assault of time?

Elephants from Safari Park

God is Not an Elephant

The story of the blind men and the elephant teaches us some lessons, but does it break down if we take it too far?