Successful Prisoner or a Free Failure?

If you had to choose, would you rather have success and purpose without personal freedom, or to be physically free and a failure?

Sunday School Lessons

Who’s Getting Blessed?, Part 2

Let's consider how we can relate our behavior and our blessings.


They Will Find You, but Don’t Worry About It

Those who seek to confront, argue with. and disagrees with us can come from anywhere, but this is not a new problem.

Squarish Rocks and Trees

Is This Why You Want to Stone Me?, Part 1

When faced with threats based on His words, why did Jesus respond with a question about His actions?


Have You Had Enough?

Once we decide that "enough is enough" with respect to the impact of sin in our lives, we have a choice as to what to do next.


Detasselling Humor

Just because a comedian announces that he's about to tell a funny joke, that doesn't necessarily make it funny.



How much of what we value today will be significant even a short time from now? Is there anything that will outlast the assault of time?


Battle Ready

Regardless of what its enemies throw at it, the body of Jesus Christ - the collection of His followers on earth - is destined to win the battle.

Textured Tree Bark

Friction or Friendly Reminder? 

When we encounter obstacles or resistance, we must discern between God's direction to keep us on the right path, and the resistance of evil trying to keep us from that path.