Quotes from the Pharisees: Tricky Traditions

How can we discern good traditions from unhealthy traditions? Jesus Christ gave us some clear guidance on that.


Quotes from the Pharisees: Trick Questions

What should we do when asked a question that seems impossible to answer?


In a Hurry for What?

Can we become so focused on the process of getting to our destination that we miss out on opportunities along the way?

Railroad Bridge

Life on Rails

Is real life entirely "open-world", or are we kind of on rails?


Speaking While in Chains

Ever feel that you are just so tied up with the junk of this world that you can't move fowrard?


Detasselling Humor

Just because a comedian announces that he's about to tell a funny joke, that doesn't necessarily make it funny.

Calm Stream
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Redeeming the Time

Our time - and the little and big opportunities we get each day are like a ticket - for us to seize or squander.

Walking Trails
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What happens in the margin?

I would like to give you a challenge today - to look for what actually happens in the marginal spaces of your life.