Sunday School Lessons

Stashing Our Blessings

Might we have some blessings from God that could be put to even better use?

Devotions, Sunday School Lessons

Testimonies of All Kinds

What if the story of your past could change someone else's future for the better?


Escape Hatch

Scriptwriters continue to come up with new ways to help the heroes win, even when the odds are against them. God is far more creative and capable than even the most talented writer, though.


No, Really: Do Not Worry

Sometimes, we need to just let the future drop into place, exactly where God knew that it would land.


Getting All the Coins

Common sense suggests that we stockpile resources (or at least some money) before going on a trip. Why did Jesus suggest otherwise for his disciples, once?


A Calling, and the Power to Live It Out

Nobody likes a no-win situation, but what if we knew that we had everything we needed to succeed?


What to Say at a Funeral

If they were polite, those who know me (outside of my writing) would probably say that I talk a lot.  In reality, I probably talk too much, but there are certain situations when having something timely to say is a good thing.  I've been told on multiple occasions when spending time with others in the… Continue reading What to Say at a Funeral


Part the Waters

Is it possible that the reason we aren't seeing progress in our faith because our feet are too dry?


Empty Fitting

In a video game, it doesn't make sense to go into battle unequipped. Isn't life the same way?


Crashing the Party, Part 1

Sometimes, we are like wedding crashers, filling up at the buffet line, without actually knowing anyone there.