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Sunday School Lessons

Inspired to Worship

When things get in the way of worship, where can we find inspiration to still focus on God?

Sunday School Lessons

First Things…Second?

Sometimes, we have good things in mind to do, but we are setting about to take them on in the wrong order.

Sunday School Lessons

Always in Training

Do you know of people (or have you been one of them) who have gotten out of shape during the pandemic?  I know that some people used that opportunity to get out and go for walks, or to spend time at home exercising, but the "COVID 15" is a real thing for others.  (For readers… Continue reading Always in Training


Wasting Our Time

It's one thing to be stuck without something to pass the time. Are there cases where we're busy doing something that looks productive, but is actually pointless?


That’s It?

We may already love God, but what does it look like when that is the most important thing in our day?

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Is Anyone Home?

Would you let a phone keep ringing if you knew that a friend on the other end of the line needed something from you?



I don't think that God is embarrassed of us when we look less than our best. May we not be embarrassed about Him.


Worshipping What We Make

We would never worship something that we made ourselves, treating it like something greater than we are...would we?

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Being in Community Without Living on a Commune

The idea of twelve men quitting their day jobs and following Jesus seems out of place today. How do we invest in others, in the very different world that we live in centuries later?