Where’s the Payoff, Here?

What value is there in spreading around important news if no one takes action as a result?


Driving Down Demand vs. Cutting Off the Supply

Is it possible that trying to stop something we don't like would be easier if we helped prevent it in the first place?

Sunday School Lessons

Always in Training

Do you know of people (or have you been one of them) who have gotten out of shape during the pandemic?  I know that some people used that opportunity to get out and go for walks, or to spend time at home exercising, but the "COVID 15" is a real thing for others.  (For readers… Continue reading Always in Training


Feeling Like Eustace

Sometimes, our detractors aren't just a character in a fantasy story who can't hear well. How do we deal with feelings of uselessness?


First Liar Ain’t Got a Chance

We may realize that we should be humble, but why do we have the ability to be humble in the first place?