Looking Good Isn’t the Same as Living for Good

Do you ever get stuck in a relationship with God where your walk has been reduced to just trying to follow a bunch of extra rules?


Show, Don’t Tell

If we love someone enough to tell them the truth, how can we show them that we are indeed doing so out of love?


Writing and Revising

If our lives are a story, would we be content with what the remaining chapters are likely to contain?


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?


Protecting God? (Part 2)

How might we be violating the very commands of God in order to make Him "look good"?


Just Because Someone Did That to You…

At some point, do others' evil acts towards us justify our returning them in kind?


Those Who Sin Differently…now in print!

A volume of devotions from this site has been published in two additional formats.


Hidden Good Works

Do you ever feel like you're not getting any credit for the hard work you put in for the Kingdom of God?

Landscape View

In a Distant Land by Choice

The story of the Prodigal Son has a happy ending, but what if the son never chose to return home?