Those Who Sin Differently…now in print!

Dear Readers,

With more than 500 articles posted to this site so far, I appreciate all of your feedback, comments, and likes.  As long as God continues to bless the insights and content that appear here, it is my intention to keep writing until something changes (or Jesus returns, which would be awesome).

This note is just to let you know that a volume of articles from this site has been published in both paperback and e-book form:


This volume takes readers through principles of truth, the salvation that Jesus offers, walking with Him, sharing the good news with others, and how to handle certain challenges.  (In my notes, the sequence was Truth, Invitation, Practice, Behavior, Others, Sharing, Encouragement, and Victory.)

In fact, I’m not pushing you (a reader of this site) to buy the book.  While the 75+ devotions in this book have been rewritten, proofread, and organized from when they first appeared online, the original articles are still available for free on this site, and I have no plans to change that.  In addition, it is my intention to donate royalties from the book back to the discipleship ministry at my church, so this is not about profit.  (God has blessed me with another full-time job that aligns with skills that He gave me, and He provides for my needs, as well as those of my family.)

The reason I’m sharing this information with you is because this site, as well as the book1, is meant to teach people about the truth that God gives us in His word, the Bible.  For those who need to learn about Jesus, develop their own faith in Him, or are just looking for some devotions to read through as part of their studies, this book offers content like that in two additional formats.  After all, not everyone reads WordPress blogs, and since we have chosen to not use social media in our family, this site isn’t currently syndicated to Facebook or Twitter.

As a result, if you know of people who need this kind of exposition or discipleship in their lives, feel free to point them to this web site (https://thosewhosindifferently.com, where non-WordPress users can also follow by e-mail), or suggest the book.  There is also a generous sample of the e-book available for free download, containing 9 of the articles from this volume.

Finally, if you do end up reading a copy of the book, honest online reviews are appreciated (provided that they are not obnoxious), as we work to get the message out to more people.

Thank you again for all your support!

M. Dennis



  1. Hopefully, more volumes will follow in the future.  Initial collections of articles have been collected for another 5 volumes, but “actual results may vary”! 

3 thoughts on “Those Who Sin Differently…now in print!”

    1. Thank you, Gary. This site’s origins trace back to a sermon at our church where Christian woman who didn’t know the “basics” of walking with Jesus (prayer, Bible reading) testified. She had learned more since then, but this need caught my attention. Whether as individuals or small groups, it is my hope that all of us online writers can spread the good news about meeting and walking with Jesus.


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