All People for Jesus

Until everyone has gotten a fair chance to understand and decide whether or not they will accept Jesus, the work of the church is not yet done.

Gazebo Reflection in Puddle

Reflecting Jesus

While we don't dare let the image quality suffer, sometimes a reflection of a reflection is still pretty good.


How Good Do Your Words Taste?

What can help us make good use of conversations with other people?


Understanding Without Endorsing, Part 2

Do you really know why other people hold mistaken beliefs? Are you sure?


No New Normal

What if the great moments of life happen in times of change, which God has prepared for through His people's faithfulness during the times of "normalcy"?


Protecting God? (Part 2)

How might we be violating the very commands of God in order to make Him "look good"?


Those Who Sin Differently…now in print!

A volume of devotions from this site has been published in two additional formats.


Who Says You Can’t?

Who are we to tell God that we can't do something, once He has called us to take a step of faith?


Stuck Indoors

Do we sometimes feel like we should be doing more, but are stuck in a situation where we can't support the Kingdom of God as much as we want?


Ummm…Also Stephanas

Maybe some of the things in the church that we think are a big deal, aren't actually as important as we thought.

Ornamental Cabbage

Non-Believer, Part 1

What would you say to someone who simply wouldn't believe you, despite evidence to the contrary?


Ugly Feet

Sometimes, the most kind actions and words come from the people that the world might overlook.


All the Trimmings, but No Words

I'll eat cake (with lots frosting) most any day of the week, but it's nice to know why the cake was purchased in the first place.


Don’t Be a Wall

Do we ever get so smug and comfortable in a good seat that we don't want to move - even to let others by?


Be Smart, but Not Sinful

Sharing the great news about Jesus is good, but doesn't need to be a haphazard activity.

LEGO Birthday Cake

Having a Party

In God's Kingdom, celebration doesn't have to wait for Heaven, and everyone is invited.


How Will We Be Judged?, Part 1

What should be our attitude towards those who have not heard the message of Jesus?