Sunday School Lessons

Maybe They Already Know the Problem, but Not the Solution

If we see a serious problem in other people, what is better for them: pointing it out, or helping them fix it?

Sunday School Lessons

Testifying in Deed and in Word

Even if we're not in a courtroom, we can give testimony to what we have seen, in order to help others find the truth.

Sunday School Lessons

Don’t Look Down When You Need to be Rescued

When we can't find a way out, maybe we're looking in the wrong direction.

Devotions, Sunday School Lessons

Testimonies of All Kinds

What if the story of your past could change someone else's future for the better?


Bonus Evidence!

The book of Hebrews points out an interesting type of evidence for the truth of Jesus' salvation - one that we might not have thought of.


We’re Glad Everyone Else is Here, Too

When we welcome visitors, shouldn't we also welcome those whose faithfulness has enriched the body of Christ?


Not All Testimonies Are In Court

If it was our job to testify about something really important, could we persuade the rest of the courtroom of the truth?

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John 1 and 1 John 1

While the Biblical author John couldn't write everything down, he testified to what he had personally seen and experienced.

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Understand the Source, Part 2

If we were to evaluate the background of Bible authors (before they encountered God), we'd find mixed results. It is only through the evidence of God's work in their lives that their testimony is completed.

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Remembering at the Right Time

Even though God is with us all of the time, we sometimes need a reminder (or to remind someone else) of this fact.