Quiet Lake
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None, Actually

Do you still hear or feel condemnation after accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ? You're not alone, and there is hope.


“Say His Name”

We rightly honor and remember those whose lives were taken away too early. There is another name, though, that addresses the root cause of the world's problems.


Sometimes, More Fixes Won’t Help, Part 2

What do we do when there's nothing that we can do to repair something important?

Sunday School Lessons

What Do We Do After We’re Healed?

When we - or loved ones - are sick, we think a lot about healing. What do we do after we are healed, though?


Fears and Worries

Does fear or worry eat up your energy? The Bible offers some encouraging words for those who need peace.


Heart or Body?, Part 3 of 3

Since we each have internal conflicts, what should be our response to those whose struggles are different from our own?


Engage or Flee?

When we are faced with the opportunity to make a positive impact with our lives, do we fight for good, or metaphorically run away?


Unwilling Sacrifice vs. Hero

What is the difference between someone who suffers unwillingly, and one who suffers for a good reason?

Sunday School Lessons

Returner or Returnee?

When a relationship has been broken, there are responsibilities for both the offending party, and the one who was hurt.

Sunday School Lessons

Too Much Light?

While we may worry about light pollution in the physical world, the spiritual condition of many people is extremely dark, and they need some light (along with some love).


Not Just the “Beautiful People”

Do you wonder if God doesn't want you as part of His family? If so, I have good news for you.


More Than Just “Found”

There's more to salvation than just a business transaction or a legal pronouncement.


Rescue Mission

Have you ever wanted to be the hero, leading those who were hopeless to freedom, as their prison exploded behind you?


Finding Common Ground, Part 2

There is good news, once we realize that our sin is common ground that all of us share.