Sunday School Lessons

The One You Didn’t Expect to Be Chosen

In the teachings of Jesus, sometimes the best example of someone who is right before God isn't who society thinks it is

Sunday School Lessons

Why Do You Ask?

Do we ask questions that we already know the answer to, hoping to find a loophole or exception for ourselves?

Sunday School Lessons

Sin Was Always Sin, but Faith Was Always Faith

While Jesus brought clarity and detail about God's plan to save fallen human beings, at least one key element of that plan was present long before Jesus was born as a baby

Sunday School Lessons

Love Doesn’t Require Breaking the Rules

When God made a way for us to return to Him, He didn't take any shortcuts

Sunday School Lessons

What Do You Mean By “Justified”?

Have you ever skipped over a word you didn't understand, hoping to learn what it means later?


No Legal Standing

Once we have accepted Jesus' payment for our sins, who has the right to still torment us about what we have done?