Sunday School Lessons

Tough Questions

Stuck with a challenging question? There is one who knows all of the answers, and who is available for us to ask.

Sunday School Lessons

Don’t Look Down When You Need to be Rescued

When we can't find a way out, maybe we're looking in the wrong direction.


Heart or Body?, Part 2 of 3

How can we make sure that the "arbitrator" in our internal conflicts is making good decisions?


An Ally in the Back of the Room

Do you ever have a nightmare that you're in front of the class, and you don't know the answers?


Taking Our Turn

While we would do well to remember that our fellow human beings have a finite amount of time an energy, there is One whose resources are limitless.


Copycat Children

As we get older, we grow out of certain child-like behaviors. Are there some that we should keep, though?


Needles and Wealth

If it is nearly impossible for the wealthy to enter the kingdom of God, can those in rich countries still be Christians?



When we have no other choice, a challenging solution may be the only one. However, when a better way is available, it's irrational to not make use of it.

Orange Lizard

You Can Have Superpowers

Even if we can't jump tall buildings in a single bound, God provides supernatural gifts - manifestations of His own power - to those who follow Him.

Butterfly on Yellow Flower

Getting Better

The process of becoming more like what God made us to be can be a long one, but it is worth the investment.

Clouds Over Mountains

“I Do Not Know the Way”

Once we decide where we need to go, if it's in line with God's direction, we can usually find help to get there.


Help My Unbelief

If you struggle with feeling that your faith, actions, or spirituality aren't good enough, you're not alone. Rather than relying on our own limited abilities, let's be willing to ask for help.

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Understand the Source, Part 2

If we were to evaluate the background of Bible authors (before they encountered God), we'd find mixed results. It is only through the evidence of God's work in their lives that their testimony is completed.