Sunday School Lessons

Stubbornly Resisting

It is kind of pointless to resist or do something different when the correct path is clear to us

Ornamental Cabbage

Non-Believer, Part 1

What would you say to someone who simply wouldn't believe you, despite evidence to the contrary?



When we have no other choice, a challenging solution may be the only one. However, when a better way is available, it's irrational to not make use of it.


Don’t Make Me Go Back There!

We may look forward to something better in eternity, but this doesn't replace the work required of us here on earth, first.

Textured Tree Bark

Friction or Friendly Reminder? 

When we encounter obstacles or resistance, we must discern between God's direction to keep us on the right path, and the resistance of evil trying to keep us from that path.