Enjoy the Good Stuff

Do you feel like you have been filling up on things that don't really satisfy or strengthen you?


All Crispy Brownies

Are we surrounding ourselves with the warmth that brings life, or with a harsh fire that consumes us and others nearby?


Not Sitting at the Cool Kids Table

New situations can be a little scary, but we can take on that fear for a better cause, and maybe help others get through their own obstacles to joining in.

Ornamental Cabbage

Non-Believer, Part 1

What would you say to someone who simply wouldn't believe you, despite evidence to the contrary?


Getting Ready to Go Out

Sometimes, we just need to clean up from one activity, before moving on to the next.

Hearts in Coffee

[The] Word with Friends

If we eat more when we're out with friends, would we learn more if we studied the Bible with them?

Chocolate Dessert

Bites vs. Meals

Although many verses of the Bible are valuable on their own, sometimes we need to read and study more of the Bible at a time.